Dating sim meets action in Persona-inspired Eternights

Posted on June 3, 2022

Announced during June 2022’s PlayStation State of Play, Eternights is a Persona-inspired dating action game where you try to make the most out of life during the apocalypse.

Eternights is a dating action game that combines a love narrative with adrenaline-fueled fighting as you try to survive the apocalypse. Explore dungeons, scavenge for supplies, and go on dates!

Humans have been transformed into lethal beasts. All they care about today is violence and power. They are the only thing standing between you and the world you desire. What is most important? You’re battling for more than just your own survival—you’re fighting for the sake of people you care about.

Developed by an indie team at Studio Sai, the developers are wearing their influences on their sleeves. In a Twitter post following the reveal, a developer n the team spoke about their passion for Persona 5. The 2D animated cutscenes really express that inspiration, almost to the point that it feels and looks just like the same team behind Persona… or maybe even better.

The gameplay in the trailer certainly has an extra bit of shine and polish. Time will tell how that translates to the full release. For now, you can wishlist Eternights on Steam and the PlayStation store, until its release in early 2023.