Rick and Morty co-creator working on first person shooter, High On Life

Posted on June 13, 2022

Justin Roiland, the co-creator of everyone’s favourite cartoon time travelling duo, Rick and Morty, is working on a new game, High On Life.

The game was announced at the Xbox Bethesda Game Showcase and will obviously be a wild ride! The first person shooter is set in a world where humans are being harvested by aliens and used to make a new, special drug. The game’s protagonist, a recent high school grad, is the unlikely hero who, along with an inventory of talking guns, takes on these alien foes.

These talking guns will be a key component of the game’s narrative and have their own distinctive personalities and features. For instance, one is being voiced by the distinctive, comedic vocals of Curb Your Enthusiasm actor JB Smoove.

As the game’s bounty hunter, you will travel around different planets, including environments such as, the devs have revealed,  “a dense and dangerous jungle, a city built deep inside an asteroid, and a variety of…dynamic and changing worlds.” In these different locations, you will battle the wildlife, encounter a number of Hunter Challenges and also help a number of “alien weirdos.”

Roliand’s has said that High On Life is an “absolute dream game” which he and devs Squanch Games, have been “building towards the whole time” since the studio was formed in 2016. Roliand is the CEO of Squanch Games and has also worked on the studio’s 2019 comedic sci-fi adventure, Trover Saves The Universe.

High On Life is scheduled to release day one on Xbox Game Pass, PC and on Xbox Series X/S on the October 25, 2022.