PlayStation Indies event showcases seven upcoming creative titles

Posted on July 9, 2022

Earlier this week a PlayStation Indies showcase dropped. The word ‘showcase’ is a bit generous. Like times prior, what this looked like is PlayStation revealing in fifteen-minute segments new trailers and release date reveals for seven upcoming indie games, all done via quick blogposts and trailers on social media. Still, with it came some pretty sweet reveals, so let’s get stuck in.

Sea of Stars is confirmed for PlayStation 4 & 5

This is a turn-based RPG title from Sabotage Studio, the team behind retro-style action platformer The MessengerDespite looking considerably different to that, it’s set to be a prequel story in the same universe and looks to have very robust systems. The gorgeous pixel work and adventuring have already drawn comparisons to classics such as Chrono Trigger. It was delayed out of this year and is slated to come sometime next year, but as someone personally quite anticipating Sea of Stars, that confirmation of platform was welcome.

SCHiM announced for PlayStation 4 & 5

Recently revealed at the Summer Game Fest, SCHiM is a puzzle platformer all about a little spirit blob that can only travel in shadows. Leap past members of the public, dodge traffic and more as you leap from shadow to shadow.

Cult of the Lamb releases next month on PlayStation 4 & 5

This one is certainly more of a gentle but welcome reminder from Sony and Devolver Digital. Cult of the Lamb releases on August 11 for PlayStation 4 & 5. Control a possessed lamb, conjuring your own army in this creative rogue-lite. This game is also made right here in Melbourne by Massive Monster. One that’s very high on our anticipated list.

Signalis announced for PlayStation 4 & 5

Described as a “classic survival horror experience,” this title sees players in a futuristic world where players awake on a spaceship, tasked with unravelling a cosmic mystery and fighting those that go bump in the night. It releases on October 7.

The Tomorrow Children: Phoenix Edition announced for PlayStation 4 & 5

This is a bit of an interesting one. The Tomorrow Children was a co-op survival game that was discontinued a number of years ago. Now, it’s seen its resurgence. Players control a group of clones, tasked with rebuilding civilisation. Work together to venture deep into a void, taking out monsters and retrieving preserved human survivors. Dozens of new additions are on offer here, including new islands, a grappling hook and the ability to play the game solo offline. For more info check out the rundown on the blog post here. The Tomorrow Children: Phoenix Edition arrives September 6.

Cursed to Golf launches on PlayStation 4 & 5 on August 18th

Love Golf? Roguelikes? Look no further. Cursed to Golf is a golfing adventure that sees you traversing many environments as you go through dungeon-like courses in Golf Purgatory. The courses are rough and hazard-filled, but Ace Cards may very well be your saving grace.

Inscryption is coming to PlayStation 4 & 5

Serving as one of our top games of the year last year, Inscryption is a dark and brooding hybrid between a deckbuilding game and escape room. Play a deadly game of cards against your opponents as you hope to make your escape from the eerie cabin you’ve found yourself in. Just know that not everything is what it seems.

New features include the friendly Stoat card talking to you through your controller. Similarly, light will spill out from your controller, creating all the more ominous and foreboding feelings. Haptic Feedback support for the Dualsense controller will also be provided. There’s no release date for this one yet but I’m very curious to see how this one works on new platforms.

And there you have it. There are seven wonderful indie games for you to check out soon on PlayStation 4 & 5. What has you most excited?