London police have arrested a teenager who might be behind GTA 6 leaks

Posted on September 24, 2022

London police have arrested a 17-year-old under suspicion of hacking offences as part of an inquiry by the UK’s National Cyber Crime Unit. Police officials have not announced any further details about the arrest, however some inside sources are reporting that this arrest is in relation to a hacking organisation that is supposedly responsible for the data breach at Rockstar that resulted in more than an hour’s worth of footage of the still-in-development GTA 6.

No statement has been made by the police or the FBI that confirms whether the incident the teenager has been arrested for is indeed the Rockstar breach. According to sources, the investigation is still open and more arrests could be made before an official statement is made by police. The teenager is still in police custody, and no identifying information has been released about the individual.

The organisation believed to be involved in the GTA 6 breach, known as Lapsus$, is also believed to be behind data breaches at many large companies such as Uber, Microsoft, and Ubisoft.