Jumplight Odyssey is a new colony sim from Melbourne’s League of Geeks

Posted on November 18, 2022

Melbourne developer League of Geeks, best known for their debut game Armello, have announced a new roguelite colony sim by the name of Jumplight Odyssey. The official reveal trailer showcases just cinematics so far but paints a great picture of a dwindling civilization who are forced to start fresh in a distant space after their people were almost entirely eradicated by a great evil.

The game boasts a living and breathing humanity simulation as your small cast of survivors go about their days, interacting with one another as friends, family, lovers, or rivals. Described like a dollhouse, the colony sim side of this intergalactic tale will see you keeping your people alive and healthy as you continue to grow and prosper as a people. Exploration to new star systems is also in the cards as you utilise your crew and battle against intergalactic invaders. And if at first you don’t succeed, in true roguelite fashion, you simply try, try again.

With inspiration from 70s anime such as Star Blazers and book series such as Incredible Cross-Sections and What Do People Do All Day—Jumplight Odyssey certainly has a lot going for it. You can even pet the pig.

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League of Geeks certainly seems very busy right now, as not only are they planning to release Jumplight Odyssey sometime next year, but they are also working on a hellish grand strategy title called Solium Infernum. 2023 definitely appears to be a good year for League of Geeks fans!

For those looking for more information on Jumplight Odyssey, you can find the game on Steam, follow the game on Twitter, or head to the game’s official website to sign up for updates.