The Game Expo comes to Melbourne in March

Posted on November 29, 2022

The newest gaming event is being added to the 2023 calendar with The Game Expo. This gaming, pop culture and tech expo is a newly announced event taking place at the Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre from March 11 to 12.

The debut of The Game Expo is being touted as an opportunity to more closely connect with the community, with a focus on activities, competitions, creativity and participation.

“The Game Expo (TGX) is dedicated to gamers, focused on the things gamers love to do, and the culture and creativity of gamers. The Game Expo is all about YOU, and everyone who loves games.”

The Game Expo banner with dates

The Game Expo is a homegrown event formed by a team who have previously run gaming events and operations such as Battle Arena Melbourne, The Big LAN, ITZ Gaming, Kanga Esports, Events Engine and more.

The event promises a bit of everything, from esport tournaments to meet and greets, to cosplay, tabletop areas, console and PC freeplay, as well as games from both indie and major publishers. It does sound a fair bit like PAX Australia, even taking place at the same venue. But who’s to say we can’t have two big gaming expos happening here in Melbourne?

To find out more information about The Game Expo or to purchase tickets, you can head to their website.