New Goat Simulator 3 trailer leads to Rockstar DMCA takedown for using leaked GTA 6 footage

Posted on December 22, 2022

Always irreverent and goofy, Goat Simulator 3 has released a new trailer that has seemingly irked the team at Rockstar Games. The trailer highlights the life of one of the Goat Simulator 3 NPCs as we watch their daily routine, see their progress at ragdoll school, and then cameo in some footage from the actual Grand Theft Auto VI leaks from a few months back.

The video is wild and completely on-brand for Coffee Stain Studios, the team behind the Goat Simulator franchise. Using actual footage from the Grand Theft Auto VI leak is definitely a risky decision and one that took no time at all for Rockstar to crack down on. A DMCA takedown claim has already been lodged against the video, as can be seen in the Tweet below. Perhaps part of the marketing strategy, the Goat Simulator team are somewhat revelling in the result, posting memes rather than doing any visible damage control.

Whilst this article won’t contain the new trailer, it’s certainly available to find. The internet forgets nothing after all. And perhaps that’s the strategy here for Coffee Stain Studios, make some controversy and get free advertising from people talking about it. Regardless, it’s an interesting situation for the team who is now infamous for taking inspiration from other video games for their game trailers.