A real-world Among Us game called Saboteurs has landed in Melbourne’s CBD

Posted on January 5, 2023

Saboteurs has arrived in Melbourne’s CBD, offering a real-world “Among Us style game” as players compete to complete tasks inside a 530 square metre, space-themed shipping container. The whole game takes place at Testing Grounds, Queen Victoria Market Precinct, with players able to explore areas and features such as a Decontamination Unit, Medbay, Sleep Pods, Mining Tools and more.

Of course, not at all is as it initially seems in Saboteurs. Whilst players are completing tasks such as watering the plants, mining Moon Opals, tuning communications, diverting electrical systems to stabilise the shields and more, an imposter will be looking for opportunities to strike and take you out. Much like in Among Us, the objective of the game will be to kill the crewmates as imposter, or detect and eject the imposter as crewmates.

Saboteurs creator, Jonathan Hayden, had the following to say about the experience:

“I was at my kids’ school at lunch time and the playground was full of kids laying on the ground playing ‘dead’. I was shocked and worried until I realised they were playing Among Us and almost everyone had been eliminated from the game. Then one of my kids asked to convert the house into a space station so she and her mates could play the game for her birthday party,” explained Jonathan. “I soon learned from my workmates and others around me that it’s not just kids who love playing this and other role-play games like Cops and Robbers, The Mole, Murder in the Dark or murder mystery parties.”

As real-world immersive experiences become more and more popular, it’s not a shock to see things like Saboteurs popping up and replicating some of our favourite video game experiences. It’s a great idea and something you can check out right now if you’re interested.

Saboteurs is playable with up to 15 people. Games run for 40 minutes and the whole thing is available now, 7 days a week. If interested, head to the official website to find out more info and book your session.