Aussie gem Wylde Flowers brings new romance and more in free update

Posted on January 12, 2023

Melbourne’s Studio Drydock have announced the ‘Endless Seasons and Romance’ update for their hit slice-of-life game, Wylde Flowers. The new update is available now completely for free across Apple Arcade, Nintendo Switch and Steam. It brings with it a bunch of new changes and content, including continued season-changing after the main story concludes, as well as more romance content with new dialogue and dates.

Check out the trailer below for a further look at the Endless Seasons & Romance update.

In our review of Wylde Flowers, we praised the game heavily for its story-rich design in a genre that’s typically story-lite. It really does feel the developers are doubling down on this angle, with even more dialogue and a richer romance system now in place. Creative Directory Amanda Schofield had the following to say about the game’s new update:

“We’re so pleased to give back to our players in this way, after all their incredible support this year. We’re thrilled to be able to deliver features our community has been wanting! It’s an honour to have such engaged players sharing feedback and what they’d love to see – it really inspires our Wylde Flowers updates and beyond!”

Wylde Flowers has certainly been going from strength to strength since its release. The game won Excellence in Narrative and Excellence in Mobile Games at the Australian Game Developer Awards last year as well as taking home the Apple Arcade Game of the Year.

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The Wylde Flowers Endless Seasons & Romance update is out now. Go check it out on Apple Arcade, Switch, or PC via Steam. Perhaps it’s worth a new playthrough?