Hi-Fi Rush announced from The Evil Within developer Tango Gameworks, releases today

Posted on January 26, 2023

Tango Gameworks, known for the horror game series The Evil Within, have today unveiled their next project and it’s nothing like what you’d expect. Hi-Fi Rush is a rhythm action game set in a hyper-stylised world where everything around you moves to the beat of a song. You play a Chai, a young man with a music player infused into his chest that allows him to feel the beat of the world around him. Using a mixture of licensed music and original score, the game looks like a pulsing and living musical affair with environmental hazards, enemy attacks, and even cutscenes obeying the rhythm of the music.

Hi-Fi Rush was announced during the Xbox & Bethesda showcase, with a healthy gameplay trailer highlighting aspects of the game’s action and story. Check it out below.

Hi-Fi Rush certainly looks like a stark departure from Tango Gameworks’ prior projects. The vibrant musical world looks rich and detailed. The quippy main character may be a little divisive, but at the very least they seem well-defined. The additional cast of characters help round out the world and assist you in combat, including Chai’s feline friend who is there to help you detect the rhythm.

Perhaps most shocking of all if the fact that Hi-Fi Rush is available today for Xbox consoles and PC. The game is available for purchase or you can pick it up via Game Pass.