New Witchfire trailer shows beefy graphics backed by NVIDIA DLSS3 tech

Posted on January 5, 2023

Witchfire is an upcoming, indie, first-person, roguelike shooter made by The Astronauts, a team that previously brought us walking sim The Vanishing of Ethan Carter. What should be a monumental undertaking into a new genre, Witchfire actually looks crazy good as its fast-paced gameplay and gorgeous graphics are shown off in a brand-new trailer.

The trailer depicts a fantasy world with Doom-like combat, some fun additional player powers, and plenty of threatening foes. Perhaps most impressive is the amount of particle effects, fire, explosions, and more that take up screen real estate, making for a vibrant and happening world.

The trailer not only gives us a new look at the game, but it also boasts the announcement of NVIDIA DLSS 3 technology. The tech is said to allow for impressive graphical realisation without impeding on framerate or general performance. In a game like Witchfire, that performance will be mandatory. So if the tech works in the way it’s advertised, the game may well turn into a really impressive package.

Creative Director and The Astronauts studio Co-Founder had the following to say:

“You start the game, push all graphics options to the max. You enjoy it for a while but then, especially if it’s an action game, you realize that the framerate is king. So you start lowering the quality of visuals in order to achieve that smooth gameplay. DLSS 3 allows the seemingly impossible, high framerate without compromising the visuals. A no-brainer for a game like Witchfire, which is both action and beauty.”

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Witchfire is set to release into Early Access on PC via the Epic Games Store sometime this year. For those interested in keeping up with its development, you can follow along on the official website.