Pikmin 4 release date and gameplay revealed

Posted on February 9, 2023

Today’s Nintendo Direct was awesome, and with a release date and gameplay trailer of Pikmin 4, the fun isn’t over. We’ve known that the fourth instalment was coming, as we got an announcement trailer for it all the way back in September of last year. But today, we finally get to see some gameplay elements and what’s the deal with Pikmin 4.

In Pikmin 4 we land on a planet inhabited by stranger creatures, similar to past Pikmin games. You pull out Pikmin from the ground so they can help you on your journey. There’s the same red, yellow, blue and rock Pikmin from previous instalments. They help you gather ingredients, collectables, and helps battle enemies for you.

But this time, we meet some new friends. Each Pikmin have some sort of ability to them, red ones are immune to fire, yellow ones are immune to electricity and blue are immune to water. In the long awaited sequel, we meet ice Pikmin, who can freeze enemies and can turn water into ice. There’s also a dog-like creature, called Oatchi, who helps with bigger problems, like breaking large objects, or even taking enemies back to your ship (so you don’t need to send 10 Pikmin).

Pikmin 4

Oatchi can even help you swim in places that might not have rocks or logs for you to jump on. We also meet new characters, like Collin and Shepherd (who’s most likely named after Alan Shepard, similar of Commander Shepard from the Mass Effect series). And boss battles are back, as they’re usually completed at the end of the world. But at the end we get a scene of an area with stars scattered around the place. A Bulborb walks around before their eyes go a bright red colour before walking off screen.

What this means, who knows? But we have a release date of the September 21, 2023. I guess we’ll find out closer to the release date. So, what did you think of the Pikmin 4 reveal? Keen as a bean? Let us know!