Professor Layton and The New World of Steam announced

Posted on February 9, 2023

If you ever need a meme right now, it’ll be of Rose from Titanic saying “I’ve been waiting 84 years”. Because that’s exactly how I and other fans feel right now with the announcement of Professor Layton and The New World of Steam from today’s Nintendo Direct.

The last game was Layton’s Mystery Journey in 2017 for 3DS (and later ported to Switch), and it didn’t even star the man himself. They’ve released a few games on android/IOS, with them being ports of their 3DS or DS counterparts. Mystery Journey was re-released as an “enchanced” version for the Switch for Japan in 2018 and internationally in 2019. In today’s Direct, we got a short 20-second teaser for the newest game in the title.

There isn’t much to go off of at this stage, as we see a large steampunk location, something close to 19th-century industrial revolution. With the streets barren bar some cars and a lot of steam, we see Professor Layton with his back turned walking forwards. He turns around and smiles at the camera, lifting his big top-hat. Then it cuts to gears and cogs inside something unknown, steam pushes through and then we get a title card, “Professor Layton and The New World of Steam”. Then text that says “A new mystery will begin”. And that’s pretty much it.

The website is live right now, but at the time of writing there is nothing to go on about. We have no idea where this is in the timeline of Layton games, we don’t know if Luke, Layton’s companion, will be in the game. There’s no release date or anything else. We’ll just have to see.

What do you think of the quick teaser? Are you excited to jump back into the world of Professor Layton? Or will this be a new experience for you? Let us know!