Shocking surprise! Teslagrad 2 and Teslagrad Remastered are out now

Posted on April 21, 2023

Teslagrad 2 and Teslagrad Remastered have been released, as announced in the most recent Indie World Nintendo Direct, by publisher Modus Games and developer Rain Games.

Teslagrad 2 is the anticipated follow-up to the fan-favourite physics puzzle game. Set in Wyrmheim, a remote and treacherous northern land, the story follows the journey of Lumina, a young Teslamancer who finds herself stranded after an airship crash. To get home and back to her family, Lumina embarks on a dangerous adventure, exploring a gigantic, abandoned tower looming over a fjordside valley.

In Teslagrad 2, electromagnetic powers are at the heart of survival. Lumina will face Viking raiders and gruesome beasts inspired by Nordic mythology and triumph against epic bosses. As the journey progresses, new skills and equipment are discovered, needed to uncover the secrets of the land and delve into the dark past of Lumina’s ancestors.

With improved visuals, a bigger world, and new puzzle-solving tools, Teslagrad 2 aims to deliver visual storytelling that unfolds through what you see, with no text, voiceover or loading screens to interrupt gameplay. The game also offers 2D hand-painted environments set in a world full of hidden collectibles, secrets, and lore.

Teslagrad 2 gameplay with neon yellows

In Teslagrad Remastered, players find themselves back in the Kingdom of Elektropia, under siege by a tyrant king ruling over its people with an iron fist. This revamped version of the physics-based game promises to bring players the ultimate electromagnetic experience, complete with enhanced graphics and quality-of-life improvements.

As well as fresh atmospheric lighting and crisper animations, the Teslagrad Remastered adds 10 challenge levels that will push your electromagnetic powers to their limits.

The audio has also been remastered, featuring an eclectic mix of classical orchestra, Russian inspiration, and a dash of metal and electrical sounds.

Teslagrad 2 and Teslagrad Remastered are now available for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC via Steam.