Women-Led Games Event to showcase many brilliant upcoming indies

Posted on April 4, 2023

The Women-Led Games Event is an upcoming and oh-so-important showcase that is to display more than sixty games developed by women. Featuring streams, demos, interviews and much much more, the showcase is in fact right around the corner, slated to run at the end of the week.

If you build it they will come,’ is more or less the philosophy for the event. Steam’s Women’s Day Event was scheduled to happen last month but was inexplicably pulled at the last minute. Now rising from the ashes is the Women-Led Games Event, where each title is coming from studios that are either women-led and/or predominately women in their company.

Charmaine Duff from the women-led SkyReach Studio founded the showcase, with influencer/outreach efforts coming from Jenny Windom (Kepler Interactive/Soft Not Weak/Wholesome Games). An important message from Duff accompanies the announcement, reading:

“Women don’t need to ask for a seat at the table: we’re creating the spaces we want to see.”

Joining the dozens of titles is notable Aussie releases such as 2022’s Wylde Flowers and Wayward Strand. My personal picks? Dreambound and Scarlet Hollow are perfect picks for visual novel fixings while Grimoire Groves is a lush rogue-lite with farming mechanics. Rest assured, there’s plenty of variety in there to tickle your fancy.

The Women-Led Games Event runs from April 7th-9th, taking perfect advantage of the long weekend. You can find out more information, including the full list of games on their site or Twitter account. Get exploring!