Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Future Redeemed DLC launches today

Posted on April 26, 2023

The final wave of DLC for last year’s epic JRPG is here! Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Future Redeemed is out today for players who have purchased the title’s Expansion Pass. Featuring protagonists Shulk and Rex from the first two Xenoblade Chronicles titles as well as a cast of newcomers, Future Redeemed is an entirely separate story. This standalone adventure takes place before the events of the main game, similarly to Xenoblade Chronicles 2’s expansion story Torna: The Golden Country. Check out the most recent trailer below.

This adventure expands on the combat system from Xenoblade Chronicles 3 with its new characters Matthew, Nikol, Glimmer, and the mysterious “A”. We’re also treated to the return of Shulk, and a grizzled adult version of Rex. The trailer hints at new abilities as well, with the word “Hellstream” appearing onscreen during combat at one point. Alvis from the original Xenoblade Chronicles also makes a return as some kind of antagonist, suggesting we may see a resolution to the trilogy’s Conduit saga.

Image showing gameplay of a battle against a Sloth Gogol in Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Future Redeemed.

Previous waves of DLC for Xenoblade Chronicles 3 have included new Hero characters, costumes, and classes for party members in the main game. The Heroes Ino and Masha came with the additional Noponic Hero and Lapidarist classes respectively, providing new options for party composition in combat. We have also seen an extra challenge mode called the “Archsage’s Gauntlet” that pits solo characters up against waves of enemies in a unique rogue-lite format, allowing players to earn special currencies that unlock stronger accessories and outfits.

Will you be playing through Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Future Redeemed? Let us know! Make sure to check out our review of the base game as well.