ASUS ROG Ally Australian release date and price announced

Posted on May 18, 2023

Following the device reveal some weeks ago, ASUS’ answer to the Steam Deck in the portable PC gaming device known as the ASUS ROG Ally now finally has a release date and price for us Aussies. If you’re after quite the beefy and versatile device, it seems this will be a solid fit.

It’s an incredibly sleek device, running in at only 608g in weight and in a sheer white with RGB lights underneath both thumbsticks. Fingerprint recognition on the power button and mappable back triggers are just some of the other bells and whistles.

The selling point for the ROG Ally is this versatility. It’s a device fitted for doing all your PC gaming in one handheld place. Steam, Epic Games, Game Pass… your libraries, along with cloud streaming, are all accessible from the device. A 512 SSD is fitted to the device, serving as the basis for getting your storage fleshed out, but that can be extended via the Micro-SD card reader slot.

Play versatility also comes with the ability for the device to be docked to a charger for group television play. This is known as the ROG Gaming Charger Dock where extra supported controllers can be paired up. Alternatively, for high-octane AAA gaming, connecting to a monitor via an XG Mobile external GPU allows for 4K gaming with ray tracing and DLSS 3. Both of these will have to be purchased separately from the ASUS ROG Ally itself.

The ASUS ROG Ally is quite a promising device. Preorders are available now, setting you back $1299AU or $1499NZ. These can be picked up from JB Hi-Fi and the ASUS store itself. It releases on 13th June. Head here for full specifications for the device.