Beloved music puzzler Rytmos arrives on iOS and Android

Posted on May 16, 2023

Originally launching for PC and Switch in late February of 2023, music puzzler Rytmos danced its way to thumping success as an accessible and funky experience. Releasing from Copenhagen indie studio Floppy Club, Rytmos was more than just a simple rhythm game, it was a journey through the music and culture of different counties, with each of the game’s stages showcasing a different aspect of world music.

In our original write-up of the game, we said that Rytmos “presents music as this evolving, adaptable art form makes it an exciting, educational journey that anyone who is curious about world music can enjoy.”

This exciting, rhythmic release is soon to hit new platforms with an iOS and Android launch on the very near horizon. Coming to iOS on May 18 of 2023 and Android soon thereafter, even more players can join in on the fun and engage in some puzzle-solving, awesome tunes, music composition, and even some light education.

You can check out Rytmos now on PC and Switch or find it on iOS on May 18 and Android soon.