Bungie returns to the 1994 sci-fi world of Marathon

Posted on May 25, 2023

Bungie has unveiled an exciting surprise at the May 2023 PlayStation Showcase, the official return to the immersive sci-fi world of Marathon.

We saw a breathtaking CGI trailer that offered a glimpse into the world, with thrilling gameplay and a striking visual style.

Marathon is a player-versus-player (PvP) extraction shooter set on the enigmatic planet of Tau Ceti IV. Players will assume the roles of cybernetic mercenaries called Runners, delving into the mysteries of a lost colony. Operating individually or as part of three-person crews, Runners will battle not only for survival but for wealth and fame.

Marathon General Manager Scott Taylor and Game Director Christopher Barrett have shed light on various aspects of the upcoming game. When asked about the challenges of keeping the project under wraps for so long, Taylor expressed the team’s excitement at finally sharing their hard work with the world.

Barrett emphasised that while Marathon pays homage to the original games released in 1994, it also introduces fresh elements that make it a unique experience within the same universe.

Digital wireframe person from the Marathon announcement trailer

One of the key features highlighted by Barrett was the emphasis on player-based storytelling. Bungie aims to provide players with the ability to influence the game’s narrative through their choices and actions, creating a dynamic and engaging experience. The game’s focus on PvP gameplay and the absence of a single-player campaign open doors for player-driven stories to unfold within the persistent and evolving zones of the game.

Barrett assured fans that Bungie is committed to making the core survival and extraction mechanics enjoyable and intuitive. The team’s focus is on delivering excitement and fulfilling fantasies, rather than burdening players with tedious tasks.

While PvP forms the heart of Marathon’s gameplay experience, the game will also feature opportunities for exploration and conflict against AI-controlled enemies. Each run in Marathon will offer different objectives, motivations, and narrative possibilities, allowing players to shape the world and impact subsequent seasons.

A soldier being taken out from the Marathon announcement trailer

The game is currently in development for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, with cross-save and cross-play functionality, ensuring seamless gaming experiences across platforms.

Bungie plans to share more details and gameplay footage soon, bringing fans closer to the highly anticipated launch.