Evil Wizard lets you play as a defeated final boss!

Posted on May 25, 2023

Ever wondered what happens to the final boss once you kick their butt? Well, the Metroidvanian, pixel art adventure Evil Wizard puts you in the shoes of a tiny yet once deadly final boss as they walk through the destruction of their castle.

Your aim is to take back your castle by defeating the heroes that surround you and bringing your evil gang back together. To do so you’ll have to wander the halls of your castle, complete puzzles to access once-accessible areas, defeat hordes of good guys and discover your old skills. These skills include harnessing the powers of the elements – fire, ice, void, lightning, and earth as your special ability.

You’ll encounter quite a bit of dialogue during your playthrough, which may become tedious for players that just want to kill the good guys. However, the inclusion of the Evil Wizard discussing the predicament they find themselves in with their servants and evil minions provides depth to the evil protagonist. The game uses crude and sarcastic humour, such as your save points being green, misty outhouses and the Evil Wizard being very negative and droll towards those they encounter.

Developers Rubber Duck have created a world in Evil Wizard that is reminiscent of classic Metroidvanian games such as Castlevania but puts its own gory take on it by including piles of dead enemies with their tongues hanging out, blood splattered over rugs and statues and skulls used as ornaments. All these elements put together make Evil Wizard a fun, lewd take on a villain’s comeback story.

So if you’re ready to fight like a bad guy and reclaim what was rightfully yours Evil Wizard will be releasing on Nintendo Switch, PC and Xbox Series X/S on May 25.