Fall Guys Creative lets you build the Level of your dreams

Posted on May 10, 2023

If you played Fall Guys and thought about creating your own level, now is the time to bring it to life. With Fall Guys Creative, you can create a level that challenges everyone who participates and forces them to learn as they go. Or you can create something relaxing that helps you train for future courses. Whatever your vision is, the sky’s the limit on the obstacles you can create and the challenges you set out for your players. The only thing you must have is a start and a finish line. Anything between those two points is up to you.

Starting out with Fall Guys Creative.

Whether you are new to Fall Guys or a veteran with many crowns under your belt, anyone can get started with Fall Guys Creative. You get the option to create a level in the Original or Digital style, though both work exactly the same when you reach the level builder. The user interface is simple and it’s easy to get started right away. Use your keyboard and mouse or a game controller, both options work when building levels with the interface.

You have a production budget in the upper right corner that lets you know how much you can put in. It sounds limiting but the budget is generous enough to build a sufficiently detailed track and have some left over. There are no restrictions in terms of building height and width or the objects you can place as long as it stays within the budget.

If you are unsure if something works the way you intended, you can always test it out! Start from the beginning of the level for the full experience, or test an individual section if you think something’s wrong. This helps you test your creations and see if something is working the way you intended.

Dropping down a level to add more challenge to Fall Guys Creative.

Once you are done, you can publish your level! Before your level goes out, it requires one test from start to finish to ensure that your creation can actually be completed. When you reach the finish line, you will get a code that you can share with other players to have them test your creations.

Start thinking of your level ideas and what you want your players to go through, as Fall Guys Creative is coming out this week!