Revenant Hill is a(nother) cat game from Night in the Woods creators!

Posted on May 26, 2023

Revenant Hill was one of the indie games announced during the May 2023 PlayStation showcase and looks super adorable. It is being developed by The Glory Society, which is made up of two of the three co-creators of  Night in the Woods and will be animated with the distinct fairy tale art of Wren Farren. In Revenant Hill, you play as cat Twigs who is trying to survive and thrive in a 1919 world that is “in the midst of violent change.” Twig’s dream job is to be a witches’ familiar, but to earn this sacred position, they must work their way up the town’s social ladder.

In the game, you will grow crops to sell at markets, learn to write and combine charms and hexes, be the host of elaborate parties for witches, demons and other spooky creatures, and possibly build a community. You’ll also get to do stereotypical cat stuff like frolic through paddocks, eat mice, and do some square dancing with a possum! There is also something that is “big and dark” that has worked its way into the homes and businesses of the town. Twig and their friends may need to fight back against this power to save themselves and the town from peril.

Revenant Hill is in development and The Glory Society has promised more information on this title very soon! We know for now that it will be released on PS4/5 and PC.