Apple announces its new augmented reality headset: Vision Pro

Posted on June 6, 2023

While Virtual Reality headsets are the domain of Meta and PlayStation, Apple is tapping into Augmented Reality. They recently unveiled their Vision Pro headset, which gives you an operating system as you interact with your surroundings. The new VisionOS gives your apps more real estate, better entertainment options, and more immersive gaming experiences.

Thanks to technology such as EyeSight, you can easily see your surroundings and other people without having your view disrupted. There will be apps from Apple that take advantage of the latest OS, but developers will soon get their chance to put their apps for Vision Pro on the App Store.

Vision Pro OS in action for Apple's headset

The headset will be out next year, but its starting price will be US $3,499  or almost AU $5,250. That’s much more expensive than current VR headsets, with the PSVR2 coming in at AU $879.95 for the basic bundle. This will also be releasing to an audience that has mixed experiences with current VR technology. But Apple’s Vision Pro headset comes with lots of new technology for a comfortable experience, which justifies their price point. It also has a history of getting customers to purchase their products even with higher prices than the competition.

There aren’t any games specifically designed for Apple’s Vision Pro headset, but that will change closer to the release date. Apple’s Vision Pro website mentions it will be out in the US early next year, which means waiting until 2024 if you want one. But that gives Apple plenty of time to finish polishing the product and ensuring the Vision Pro is the best it can be.