Cookie Cutter gameplay trailer shows off intense android combat

Posted on June 11, 2023

Among the announcements and reveals at the Future Games Show was an extended gameplay trailer and release window confirmation for Cookie Cutter. The game, developed by Subcult Joint LTD and published by Rogue Games Inc., is a mature 2D metroidvania action game with an intricate, hand-drawn art style about a furious android taking down an army of foes to rescue her creator.

In Cookie Cutter, you play as Cherry, an android made from high-tech machinery, but possessing a mortal soul. Woken from a life-preserving slumber, she learns that her girlfriend and creator, Doctor Shinji Fallon, has been kidnapped. With a few upgrades from her companion, Raz, Cherry must explore a dangerous dystopian world to rescue Shinji.

The developers claim on the game’s store page to be inspired by Japanese manga, Quentin Tarantino and H.P. Lovecraft, and those influences can certainly be seen in its gameplay trailer. Cherry has many over-the-top tools at her disposal, including guitars, chainsaws and special finishing moves which can be used to dispatch some foes. The wonderfully detailed and macabre art style evokes Skullgirls, while some of Cherry’s more elaborate transformations and special attacks seem like a particularly violent twist on Astro Boy. Cookie Cutter promises 10 different zones to explore and 7 unique bosses to defeat.

We don’t yet have a confirmed release date for Cookie Cutter. However, the gameplay trailer gives a mid-2023 release window on PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store, so it is likely that we don’t have long to wait before we can get our hands on it.