Final Fantasy VII Rebirth re-confirmed for early 2024

Posted on June 9, 2023

Following its official reveal last year, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth closed out the 2023 Summer Game Fest with a confirmed early 2024 release date.

Cloud, Aerith, Barrett, Tifa, and Red are on another adventure following the aftermath of 2020’s part one of the Final Fantasy VII remakes. We see luscious environments and combat scenarios aplenty. Aerith looks as ethereal as always, with Cloud being pouty and broody. The gang is back and it’ll be an exciting spectacle to see.

With how Final Fantasy VII Remake reinvented the original, it’ll be exciting to see just where we go from here. What does this mean for the greater Final Fantasy VII world? Will its dramatic events change tenfold? We have a little longer to wait when Final Fantasy VII Rebirth releases in early 2024 on PlayStation 5 two discs (yes, just like the original way back when).