Final Fantasy XVI and RSPCA team up for Paws of Valisthea

Posted on June 7, 2023

Looking forward to the upcoming blockbuster RPG Final Fantasy XVI? Are you a big fan of dogs and love dressing them up in costumes? If you said yes to both of those questions, then the upcoming Paws of Valisthea event is perfect for you! The RSPCA has partnered with FFXVI to launch a dog-friendly event on Saturday, June 17 at Sydney’s Darlo Bar.

The main protagonist of FFXVI, Clive, has a fiercely loyal companion named Torgal who accompanies him throughout his adventure. This event pays homage to that relationship and allows you to bond with your canine companion over FFXVI.

Final Fantasy XVI RSPCA

You can dress your dogs up as the mythical Eikons and bring them along to the event where you can get photos taken. Doggy treats will be available as well as prizes for those who are best dressed with advance copies of the game and even a PlayStation 5 up for grabs. If you don’t have Eikon costumes of your own, you can borrow costumes that will be available at the event. These costumes have been designed by MissTwisted to let everyone have a picture of their dogs while they are dressed up.

If you don’t have a dog of your own but you are still a fan of Final Fantasy XVI and furry creatures, RSPCA NSW will bring several rescue dogs who are looking for a new home. You can adopt one of them or donate to the RSPCA while you are there. Some official Twitch streamers will also be livestreaming FFXVI in support of the organisation.

Interested in coming along? Register your interest at Eventbrite today and come on down to participate on the day!