Fortnite WILDS is out now and welcomes fresh Witcher skins

Posted on June 28, 2023

After a MEGA season 2, Fortnite’s Chapter 4 is going back to it’s roots with an aptly WILD third season. All is not as it seems though with another huge IP joining the game. Just in time for the new movie, iconic Transformer Optimus Prime is this season’s Tier 100 skin on the battle pass.

Get a glance at the new season with this slick gameplay trailer:

Fortnite WILDS so far has been a solid season for the iconic battle royale. Despite the vaulting of the Attack On Titan items and the swift blade, we’re now throwing a kinetic boomerang out that takes some mastering but has quite the range and versatility in combat. There’s also a Transformers-themed weapon – the Cybertron Cannon is a charge-up blaster that really packs a punch and also features unlimited uses with a short delay. Then there’s the Cloak Gauntlets that make players invisible for a timed period – just be wary of mud as it will ruin your stealth tactics!

Along with the new special armaments, we also have some new guns in the weapon pool. The Flapjack Rifle has a spinning magazine making it formidable at mid-range. We also have a new Thermal DMR that makes long-range encounters a breeze. And most recently, after vaulting the heavy sniper Epic Games gave us the Explosive Repeater. This one is a wild card at any range, just be careful you don’t fire it too close.

Other things to note this season is how this season has embraced the jungle. The map’s central area is now home to a vast jungle to explore. It really does feel untamed, and each vault that appears here has its own price to pay to gain better weapons. The risk and the reward in this area is unparalleled. Falling off the wrong tree can mean death, but who can say no to a vine ride across the canopy? Certainly not me. There’s even flora that will keep you on your toes and hopefully give you the edge in combat. Mud also appears in Fortnite for the first time ever. Use it for camouflage or slide down muddy tracks with speed – it’s quicker than sliding. And finally, dinosaurs are back! Our jurassic raptor fiends are tameable if you’re finding the area difficult to navigate.

It also appears as though Fortnite will be holding off on any official Pride content during June. I know we’ll see some pride content eventually but it’s sad that they won’t do it during pride month like other games that are proud of the diversity in their player base.

Witcher fans rejoice as well, as fresh cosmetics have arrived. Ciri and Yennifer are now available for purchase in the store along with a lockers worth of cosmetics to live your Witcher fantasy. Yennfers crow skull back bling is a stand-out in the set. It comes just in time for the next season over on Netflix. It’s a nice follow-up to the Geralt Fortnite Battle Pass skin we had recently.

Before I let you loose on the new season there’s one final detail I’d like to share with you. Beloved anthropomorphic buff cat Meowcles is BACK! He returns as this season’s bonus skin and he’s all decked out in summer gear, complete with a mullet and Hawaiian t-shirt. I need more buff cats, there – I said it, Fortnite! It’s been a while since we’ve seen our favourite buff feline friend so hopefully we begin to see a few more variants from now on.

Fortnite Chapter 4, Season 3 is available free to play now on basically everything.