Free games for PlayStation, Xbox and PC subscribers in June 2023

Posted on June 8, 2023

It’s nearly the end of the financial year and it’s a good time to make some smart financial decisions. With new free games coming to subscription systems, there’s great fun to be had while you keep your money for tax time.

PlayStation Plus Free Games

NBA 2K23

Choose your favourite NBA or WNBA team to make your way to the top of the league. Play against others online to reach the top of the leaderboard, or make your own custom journey with MyCareer. Change the direction of the sport itself with MyNBA to build the change you want to see.

Jurassic World Evolution 2

Step into a new dinosaur park experience that improves on everything you saw in the first game. Deal with the dinosaur fallout after the events of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom as you struggle to manage the new world. Stick with the basics as you like and just make sure your dinosaurs are happy and thriving.

Trek to Yomi

Step into the shoes of Hiroki who has been struck down by the forces of evil. Getting one last chance to fulfil his broken promise to those he swore to protect, he fights his way through feudal Japan. Storytelling, combat, and cinematic presentation are combined for an unforgettable experience.

Xbox Live Gold Games


Take your time in a 2D puzzle platformer that features hand-painted art. As the titular Hoa, go on a journey filled with cute creatures and solve puzzles. Experience a great story while taking your time and appreciating your surroundings.


Ever felt like backing out of a life of crime? That’s your goal as a pig farmer in Kansas when you want to stop hiding bodies for your hitman friend. Make vital decisions to avoid getting killed as you both know what’s going to happen if you don’t choose correctly.

Epic Store Free Games

Midnight Ghost Hunt (6/2 – 6/9)

Track ghosts down in this multiplayer co-op game where you work together in a team. Search out the ghost’s hiding place and capture it to free a venue from its hauntings. But don’t take too long, as a Ghost can turn the tables on your team at midnight and start hunting you.

Humble Choice Bundle

Ghostwire Tokyo

Supernatural forces have taken over Tokyo and it’s up to you to drive them out. Use elemental powers to turn the tide against your enemies and find out why the situation deteriorated in the first place.

Remnant: From the Ashes – Complete Edition

Survive in a post-apocalyptic world where monsters from another dimension threaten your life on a daily basis. Levels are dynamically generated and you can play with others to fight in a world that never stays the same.

Curse of the Dead Gods

How far will you go in your quest for power and immortality? Make multiple attempts to explore a temple, fighting enemies and dying to traps as you improve your skills. Be careful of Corruption that makes things harder, but can also provide better rewards.

Honey I Joined A Cult

If you thought about what it takes to run a cult, this is the perfect game for you. Manage a fine line between gathering supporters and fleecing them of their money. Make sure your followers are happy or you could be out of luck.

Eternal Threads

Can you change the fate of six individuals who are fated to die in a fire? Go back in time and see the events prior to the fire, learning more about the people involved. See if you can save everyone or if their fates are sealed.


Step into a dark and alien world as you battle your way through several enemies. Wield living weapons as you cut through enemies, absorbing them and getting stronger to tackle the challenges ahead.

Turbo Golf Racing

Imagine a game of golf but everyone is using go-karts to get the hole-in-one. Rush around the field and be the first to score, but make sure none of your opponents can successfully finish their round.

Meeple Station

Take the Meeple race to the stars as you construct a space station to begin a new civilisation. Manage resources and turn your station into a city, but watch out for space pirates that threaten your efforts.