French Revolution inspired deck-builder Liberté releases onto PC

Posted on June 5, 2023

Experience the thrill of revolution with Liberté, a unique game that combines top-down deck-building with a roguelike twist and an intriguing eldritch element. This game is set in 18th-century Paris and promises to take you on a thrilling adventure as you collect cards, battle enemies, and appease Lady Bliss, a Dishonoured-esque entity. Your ultimate goal is to find the true heir to the crown. Get a glimpse of the game’s fascinating world and body horror in the trailer below!

In this game, players receive cards that grant them exclusive abilities and talents, allowing them to employ diverse gameplay strategies to keep their adversaries on their toes. The game constantly challenges you to swap out cards for newer, more potent ones with occasional glimpses into cards that are inaccessible due to their high power cost. It’s an intriguing experience that you might just lose your head over!

As soon as I opened the game, I was impressed by the intricate splash art and character portraits. The NPCs are so well-designed that they could almost have their own standalone games, complete with unique voices. The game has a fascinating concept that draws players in, especially if you understand its roguelike elements and alternative history theme. With more than 40 hours of gameplay, it’s sure to keep you occupied, but will it be a cakewalk?

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While this game may not appeal to everyone due to its combination of roguelike gameplay and a basic deck-building approach, it still has its merits and is worth exploring. I found that collecting new weapons and talents didn’t quite provide the thrill I was seeking. And whilst I personally didn’t find the gameplay to be completely captivating, the game’s intricate and fascinating narrative definitely caught my attention. With some tweaks and improvements, I believe the gameplay could truly shine on platforms like the Nintendo Switch. Specifically, focusing on making the game more playable and incorporating the narrative into the cards would be beneficial to the player’s overall experience.

For those looking for that strategic gameplay and narrative hybrid, you can check out Liberté available now on PC.