It’s confirmed, Nicolas Cage is a a survivor in Dead by Daylight

Posted on June 9, 2023

We got news about this roughly 3 weeks ago that the one and only Nicolas Cage is joining Dead by Daylight. However, he’s not playing a character, no he’s just playing himself. Today, with the Summer Game Fest, we finally got confirmation from the man himself on what it’s like to be in this game as a survivor. We also got a trailer of what to expect from playing as Cage.

Before the trailer dropped, Geoff Keighley got the opportunity to interview Cage about this experience. When asked about how it all came together, Cage says, “It’s a museum of horror”, adding that one of his favourite film genres is horror. And that the reason why he wanted to sign up for this opportunity is because of Sadako from Ring (1995). Within Dead by Daylight, Nicolas Cage plays a theatrical version of himself. Similar to his role in the 2022 film The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent, where Pedro Pascal plays Javi a superfan of Cage. While most survivors in Dead by Daylight know what they’re doing, Cage states that his character initially thinks he’s turning up to film a movie.

Cage notes that one of the things he likes about the game is that you’re working together as a team to try and make it out alive. “It’s a bonding experience”, is another reason why he wanted to take on this role. Keighley asks if Cage recorded all his lines, and wanted to know the processes of that. Cage says that “I want you to know that when you’re playing the Nick Cage survivor… I want you to know that you’re with me, we’re one, we’re fused”. Re-affirming to Keighley that every sound Cage the avatar takes is his voice.

When asked about how exactly Cage locked down this gig, Cage mentions that someone in his family loves the game. Even calling them an “enthusiast”, which is a better way to say ‘super fan’. This is Cage’s very first role in a video game, stating he’s “always looking for new adventures”. Recording lines for the game was immersive for Cage, mentioning that every sound and move has to be timed perfectly.

It’s going to be an interesting role for him. Maybe he’ll branch out into other gaming roles in the future. Cage is known for his quirky personality and even the weird movies he’s been in. Nicolas Cage, the survivor, will be in Dead by Daylight coming July 25. So we’ve only got to wait a little over a month until we can get our hands on him. What do you think about this? Are you keen to play as Nick Cage? Let us know!