Japan meets Mexican folklore in Mariachi Legends

Posted on June 12, 2023

Combining Japanese language with Mexican folklore, Mariachi Legends was announced during the 2023 PC Gaming Show and looks like it will be a hell of a time!

From Mexican studios, Halberd, the game is a 2D adventure were you play as Mexican detective Pablo Cruz who is blessed with a mighty Mariachi suit that has special powers. He is selected by Lady Death to submerge himself into the underworld to combat those who stand against Death and retrieve a powerful amulet that will take away the majority of her power.

The game also boasts fast paced, platformer combat plus an assortment of Mexican inspired power-ups/abilities and chances to learn more about Mexican folklore through the characters Pablo will meet along the way. These power-ups and abilities come in the form of tarot cards and learning traditional Mexican recipes whilst grooving to a “haunting” mariachi soundtrack.

Mariachi Legends is in development for PC and we’re excited to learn more.