League of Geeks shows super stylish gameplay of Jumplight Odyssey

Posted on June 12, 2023

League of Geeks have revealed more of the galactic adventure, Jumplight Odyssey, at Summer Games Fest 2023. Your mission is to build, repair, and defend your starship across multiple decks with the star-spanning anime inspiration of Star Blazers.

Prepare to embark on an extraordinary journey through the vast reaches of space in this captivating roguelite starship colony sim. As the captain, you’ll lead your crew on a daring escape from the clutches of Admiral Voltan and the war-mongering Zutopans, seeking refuge in the sanctuary of the Forever Star.

Among the crew, there’s a special addition – a pig. Yes, you heard that right. And guess what? You can pet the pig.

Explore diverse star systems, each with unique biomes that affect your ship and crew. Each crew member lives a vibrant life filled with eating, sleeping, working, and surviving. Be prepared to face challenges such as fires, electrical strikes, radiation, and the loss of oxygen. Managing these emergent systems requires skill and adaptability; keeping their hope high is crucial to avoid dire consequences.

Indulge your passion for naval shipbuilding by meticulously designing optimum corridors, implementing efficient management processes, and personalising the ship’s spaces to your specifications. Managing resources becomes crucial, from water supply to ship gardens and farming spaces. Your ingenuity will be tested as you strive to keep your ship and crew alive for as long as possible. Can your crew maintain order in zero gravity?

Jumplight Odyssey screenshot

League of Geeks are locals from Melbourne (Naarm), Australia. Their debut game, Armello, received critical acclaim for its stunning visuals and engaging gameplay but they are also working on a hellish grand strategy title called Solium Infernum. League of Geeks is known for their originality and commitment to quality and they continue to push boundaries to captivate players worldwide.

Jumplight Odyssey invites you to embark on a dynamic, toy-like sandbox adventure when it releases in the near future.