Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon haunts us with a spooky remaster

Posted on June 22, 2023

Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, originally released on the Nintendo 3DS in 2013, is getting a surprising remaster for the Nintendo Switch next year.

With enhanced visuals and a lovely makeover, Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon is ready to spook players once again. The upcoming remaster breathes new life into the action-adventure game with the thrills and chills of Luigi’s ghost-hunting adventure.

For those unfamiliar with the series, Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon follows the timid but brave Luigi as he explores a series of mansions in Evershade Valley. Armed with his trusty Poltergust 5000 vacuum cleaner, Luigi must capture mischievous ghosts and search for the shards of the Dark Moon to restore peace to the valley. The main antagonist, King Boo, awaits his capture, promising an epic showdown between Luigi and the ghostly villain.

The remaster showcases five unique and intricately designed mansions for players to explore, each filled with puzzles, surprises, and a variety of ghostly inhabitants. As Luigi, you’ll have to rely on your wit, courage, and mastery of the Poltergust 5000 to navigate the eerie environments.

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon remaster screenshot of Luigi looking scared as fuck

Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon’s remaster is a treat for both long-time fans and newcomers to the series. The original game received critical acclaim and the remaster aims to bring that same level of quality to a new audience.

The last installment in the series, Luigi’s Mansion 3, delighted players on the Nintendo Switch in 2019. With its fun main story and entertaining multiplayer modes, it left fans eager for more Luigi-centric adventures. The remaster of Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon is sure to satisfy their ghost-hunting cravings while introducing new players to the spook-tacular world of Luigi’s Mansion.

Mark your calendars for the release of Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon’s remaster on the Nintendo Switch in 2024.