Metaphor: ReFantazio is the latest RPG from the Persona devs

Posted on June 12, 2023

If you ever thought about a more futuristic Persona game, then Metaphor: ReFantazio will appeal to you. Apart from Persona 3: Reload and Persona 5: Tactica, this is Atlus’ latest upcoming release which premiered at the Xbox Games Showcase.

It doesn’t take place in the same universe as the Persona series, though it carries some of the same mechanics from those games. Instead of taking place in modern Japan, this is another world that has steampunk elements and a demonic touch.

You will be travelling to several locations and teaming up with allies, while fighting against enemies in turn-based combat. It doesn’t look like an open-world game but you will explore areas and have a UI similar to the Persona series. Menus and spell names have changed though some familiar skills have jumped over (it. Matarukaja). While the trappings of a Persona game are there, a new story and characters will provide a unique RPG experience that stands on its own.

Metaphor: ReFantazio comes out on Xbox Series X|S and PC in early 2024.