Sonic the Hedgehog commemorates birthday celebrations with Sydney speedrunning competition

Posted on June 14, 2023

The Sonic the Hedgehog franchise is turning 32! To celebrate this anniversary along with the release of Sonic Origins Plus, Five Star Games has announced that a Sonic NSW vs QLD speedrunning competition will be held at Fortress Sydney, appropriately dubbed the Sonic State of Origins Plus. The event will raise money for Game on Cancer in order to raise funds and awareness to support Cure Cancer’s lifesaving research.

Queensland will be picking Knuckles the Echidna as their mascot, and featuring QLD speedrunners Raikou (c), Stylonide and The8bitbeast. Opposing them will be NSW, represented by Sonic the Hedgehog as their mascot and with a speedrunning team including Werster (c), 3Pills and LaceyStripes. Apparently the Blue Blur himself may be making an in-person appearance; those attending better keep their eyes peeled.

“AusSpeedruns is proud to partner with Five Star Games to put on this exciting new Sonic State of Origins Plus event for all Australians,” AusSpeedruns co-ordinator Ethan Levy has said. “We’ve got the fastest and most incredible Sonic the Hedgehog speedrunners in our community, and they’ll be going head-to-head on the 23rd of June in the arena; at the same time raising money for Game on Cancer, a wonderful cause!” 

The night is set to be a spectacular demonstration of Sonic’s true talent: Speed.” Darren MacBeth, Managing Director at Five Star Games says of the event. “We’re preparing so many delights for the crowd, including birthday cakes, jersey giveaways… and did I mention cake?”

In addition, Shane Bailey, Head of Gaming & Streaming at Cure Cancer, has stated that “We’re honoured to be partnered with AusSpeedruns as their charity of choice, and to see a new speedrunning competition come to Australia – from the original speedster himself, no less – is simply wonderful.

The event itself will consist of 8 events in a point-scoring extravaganza designed by famed Sonic the Hedgehog speedrunner and captain of Team Sonic, Werster. The victorious team at the end of the night can call themselves the fastest and will take home the Sonic State of Origins Plus shield. General tickets can be bought at Eventbrite online for those keen to attend.