Spider-Man 2 is swinging onto PS5 this October

Posted on June 9, 2023

2023’s Summer Games Fest has provided some tantalising new information about Insomniac Games’ upcoming webslinging sequel, Spider-Man 2. This includes a confirmed release date, as well as further details about the game’s antagonists.

In an interview during the Summer Games Fest, Insomniac Games Creative Director Bryan Intihar discussed some of the villains who will be appearing in the game. In addition to Kraven the Hunter, who will pose a more grounded threat compared to Spidey’s often fantastical rogues gallery, Venom will also be appearing. One notable element is that this incarnation of Venom’s true identity is a mystery. While we don’t know who it will be, Intihar has confirmed that it isn’t Eddie Brock, Venom’s most well-known civilian identity, and who has been portrayed in live-action by Tom Hardy in the recent Venom movies.

The other major announcement was the confirmation of an actual release date for the game. Intihar confirmed that Spider-Man 2 will be releasing on October 20th 2023. Previously, the most information we had regarding a release window was a vague “Fall 2023” period. This gives us a firm idea of when to expect the game later this year. Hopefully we will also learn more about the standalone Wolverine game that Insomniac is also working on before long.

Spider-Man 2 will be heading exclusively to PS5 on October 20th 2023.