Winnie’s Hole is a disturbing puzzle game made in Melbourne

Posted on June 7, 2023

Oh d-d-dear… wave goodbye to your childhoods everyone, because something is VERY wrong with our silly old bear! Early this morning Aussie developers Twice Different graced the internet with a reveal trailer for Winnie’s Hole, a puzzling game that looks set to make you Pooh yourself! See for yourself, lest I Rabbit on.

Winnie’s Hole is set to be a roguelite strategy title, having you explore Winnie’s insides in order to transform him into the perfect host for a very hungry and not-so-friendly virus. Think Winnie the Pooh meets The Thing, minus Kurt Russell or a flamethrower; for now at least… honey on toast anyone? You accomplish this with tetronimo-esque pieces that allow you to gain mutations along the way, going from the familiar little bear to a heap of limbs and teeth, presented at the top of the screen like a picture book that you’d only read to the most metal of children.

While there isn’t a whole heap to go off of for now beyond the cute yet twisted overview, the Melbourne-based team has already shown their skill and dedication with their previous title Ring of Pain, which also happens to feature similar gameplay elements, providing plenty of replay value alongside visual flare that really helps it stands out from the crowd. If their previous efforts are anything to go by, Winnie’s Hole ought to be a blast to try out, even if I shudder at the idea of what could happen to poor Piglet… if the game does have a flamethrower, I hope Piglet gets to use it.

Gameplay from Winnie's Hole

Winnie’s Hole is currently only confirmed for Steam, though no specific release window has been given yet beyond 2023. Owl be sure to give it a closer look as more information is revealed, and see if Twice Different can gopher 2 hits in a row; besides, it can’t be as bad as the last time someone tried to make Winnie scary, right?