Australian Speedrun Marathon kicks off next week supporting Game On Cancer

Posted on July 9, 2023

If you want to support speedrunning and join the fight against cancer, the Australian Speedrun Marathon will be fundraising for Game On Cancer during ASM2023. The event starts on July 12th at Adelaide’s Rockford Hotel in the CBD, and will run for five days until July 16th.

ASM2023 will host some of Australia’s famous speedrunners as they speedrun games such as Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance and Triangle Strategy. Some speedruns will be done individually, while others are a co-op effort or races. Certain speedruns will have donation incentives that allow you to change the course of the run.

Elgato, the world-leading provider of audiovisual technology for content creators, is a major partner for this event. They are supporting the event with their streaming hardware, telling their community about the event, and putting up select products as prizes for donors. This is in addition to their financial donation to Game On Cancer.

“We here at AusSpeedruns are proud to present the Australian Speedrun Marathon 2023 which is shaping up to be the most spectacular celebration in Australian history of the fantastic speedrunning community we have” said Ethan Levy, Coordinator at AusSpeedruns. “We’re equally proud to be raising vital funds for Game On Cancer to help make this the last generation to die from cancer. We are also thankful for the assistance from Elgato this year in making this all happen, as it wouldn’t be possible without their pivotal support.”

It is held at the Adelaide Rockford Hotel and attendees can purchase tickets on the ASM website to attend. For those who are unable to go in-person, you can stream the event on Twitch through the ASM’s channel. You can also view the schedule of the games on their website.