Dying Light 2 update is gamechanging and terrifying

Posted on July 2, 2023

Dying Light 2 has received an update that greatly increases the difficulty and tension of its night gameplay.

The “Good Night Good Luck” update aims to enhance the horror of the Dying Light 2 experience by introducing roaming Volatiles. For anyone that’s played Dying Light 2, most would treat this as terrifying, exciting, or both. For those that aren’t as familiar with Dying Light 2, volatiles are an extremely fast and strong enemy which can send you to an easy game over. With the update, they are now roaming enemies able to surprise you and have you running back to safe zone.

A scary zombie like creature from Dying Light 2 lurks from the dark.

The update brings even more overhauls and changes to the core experience. The parkour mechanic has been given a considerable overhaul to allow for more accessible play. However, they have also provided an option for players who are seeking a less guided experience. Specifically, these changes to the parkour allow for players to switch between an auto and manual mode, allowing for greater freedom, and better accessibility.

As well as many fixes and enhancements included in this update, the PC version of the game now has community map support. This will allow for players to experience custom maps made using the Developer Tools. However, these maps must be completed in one sitting as there is no saving.

With all these changes added to Dying Light 2, it is sure to terrify new and returning players. You can read the update changes here and you can read our review of  Dying Light 2 here.