Hi-Fi RUSH’s latest update is perfect for combat nerds

Posted on July 5, 2023

The already very excellent Hi-Fi RUSH just got that little bit better. Available now is the ‘Arcade Challenge! Update!,’ further cementing the Tango Gameworks title as a must-have for the character-action genre. I’ve got to check it out early and jumping back in feels like coming home.

This is quite a substantial update, adding more than just the expected skins or combo moves (though there’s plenty of that too). Most new is the BPM RUSH mode, a wave-based affair where the beat to the song gets quicker and quicker upon completion of each phase. Hi-Fi RUSH is already a game that can be as hard or easy as you want it to be in the campaign.

This turns that dial up to 11. Players are encouraged to pick the hard difficulties and strive to maximise their score. It’s been a few months since I’ve dived into the game and I have to admit I was sweating, feeling like I was thrown into the deep end again in the best way possible. I consider myself an… OK player of both the game and of character-action games in the genre, but with how fast this gets I’m eager to see just how the real pros handle such a high-paced affair.

Hi-Fi RUSH update still

Hi-Fi RUSH’s other key new update feature is ‘Power Up! Tower Up!’ which serves as a randomised version of the existing Rhythm Tower mode. Fighting through gauntlets of enemies as you progress through waves of enemies, you’ll have to be quick on your toes to keep things rolling along. The big difficulty here comes in that you start out with little health, abilities and perks. There’s ample risk vs reward in this, as you may choose to do an alternate route with tougher enemies but higher rewards.  Good luck doing your best in climbing through that mode and growing your arsenal. You’ll need it.

The Arcade Challenge! Update! is available now for Hi-Fi RUSH on both Xbox and PC. Accompanying these milestone game modes are plenty of unlockables and even some new enemy types. For those that are combat obsessed and want some fun torture, it’s well worth your time.