PAX Aus 2023 Indie Showcase winners have been unveiled!

Posted on July 27, 2023

It’s hard to believe we’re already halfway through 2023 but at least that means PAX Aus 2023 is only getting closer and closer. After a ripper 2022, preparations are well underway for what is sure to be another incredible convention. It also wouldn’t be PAX without the annual Indie Showcase that allows developers from all over Australia the opportunity to be judged and celebrated in a special section at the convention.

The PAX Aus 2023 Indie Showcase is made up of four tabletop games and six digital games which have been specially selected for their excellence in creativity. This year is stronger than ever too, with some games returning to PAX as winners this year!

Digital Games

  • darkwebSTREAMER from We Have Always Lived In The Forest
    In perhaps the boldest horror game currently in development from the local scene, darkwebStreamer lets you experience the horrors of live streaming. Subscribe or die!
  • Primordials Legends: Hollow Hero from Toybox Games Studios
    Ever wanted to play as a gnarly wombat – look no further than this 3rd-person action adventure where you’ll uncover the secrets of an impressive fantasy world full of legends.
  • The Drifter from Powerhoof
    Solve a pulpy murder in this thrilling dive into crime after a drifter returns to his hometown in this killer point-and-click made in Victoria.
  • Crash Course Builder from Wombat Brawler
    Who doesn’t love a challenge? Get ready to buckle up and drive for your life in this exhilarating zoom through terrifying obstacles that also allows you to bring your own courses to life.
  • Copycat from Spoonful of Wonder
    Cat games slap. This narrative feline adventure sees your place as a newly adopted shelter cat stolen from by a jealous stray cat. How many lives will it take to get your home back from the usurper.
  • The Dungeon Experience from Bone Assembly
    Would you play DnD with a level 1 Mud Crab? The Dungeon Experience lets you do just that, as you explore a fantasy world in this guided adventure.

Tabletop Games

  • Boba Master by Quokka Games
    Bubble tea is definitely the best so how does a card game about the yummy drink sound? Boba Master will have you competing with your friends to become the best boba bestie in this rowdy 2-10 player game.
  • Alien Frenzy by Comet Squid
    Looks like aliens are real and there’s also a card game about them! Join the mayhem in this crew builder where there’s no telling what might befall Earth.
  • Kingless: Festival of Explosions by Two19
    Gain influence in this race to gain the most power to be king, or risk being labeled the fool in this race to recruit 38 dwarves.
  • Saltfish & Almanacs by Storybrewers Roleplaying
    Become a merchant on a yearly trek to sell wares and meet other travelers and merchants in this RPG. How will the journey change you?

You can find out even more about these games here or you can wait till PAX Aus to see them all out in full force! What are you most excited to play?