Amazon Australia is now selling digital games

Posted on August 15, 2023

Amazon Australia is no stranger to decent video game deals for eagle-eyed shoppers looking for a bargain, and now they’ve gone one step further, offering digital video games on their online store.

You’ll now be able to access a selection of downloadable PC and console games, along with subscriptions, digital currencies and in-game add-ons. It goes without saying that this means when you purchase a digital game, you’ll have it straight away without waiting for physical delivery. If their sometimes quite generous discounts apply to digital game codes, that could mean good news for everybody.

Some key titles highlighted to be available from today include:

“Our new Digital Video Games offering represents an exciting addition to the gaming range available on Amazon Australia. We know that our customers come to looking for great prices, a large selection and convenience.” said Matthew Benham, Head of Consumer Electronics and Media. “We can now provide Australian gamers with the opportunity to purchase an extensive range of digital PC and console games, free-to-play games, digital game currencies and other digital gaming content, with the added convenience of finding this and everything else they might need on, from gaming accessories through to the ultimate home entertainment set up.”

What’s available does seem limited so far, with nothing standing out in terms of being a bargain; in many cases, the price on Amazon matches what you’d pay if you just bought the games via the console store. Also absent are digital PlayStation games, as the PlayStation Store tends to not have their game codes available for sale elsewhere digitally, so that they can maintain a monopoly on their prices for exclusives. Still, it’s day one, so hopefully, better bargains (or other Amazon-related discounts) come up.

Check out their selection of digital games so far here.