Don Duality gets you to manage a restaurant and criminal empire

Posted on August 27, 2023

Don Duality puts you in the unique position of managing a restaurant to launder the money from your criminal empire. Serve a variety of guests by day and ensure they get their food promptly. At the same time, send your criminal underlings to commit crimes and generate wealth. Your ultimate goal is control over the entire city, fighting off various rival gangs to be the last faction standing. But don’t get too trigger-happy or aggressive, since the police will crack down if you stand out too much.

Invite VIPs to dine at your restaurant to hide under the cover of the police. Hire your staff and criminal members to ensure they are a good fit for your operations. Encroach on rival gang territory and prepare to gun them down. Bribe the judges to avoid jail time if you can. And if all else fails, try again and reform your criminal empire from scratch!

You can check out Don Duality on PC.