Free games for PlayStation, Xbox and PC subscribers in August 2023

Posted on August 14, 2023

Now that you hopefully have some extra cash laying around after your tax return, you might want to spend on subscription services. Here are the free games coming out that you can enjoy if you sign up this month!

PlayStation Plus Games

PGA Tour 2K23

Make your way to the top of the PGA World Tour as you compete against some of the greatest golfers of all time. Create your own golf course and take to the green, customising your appearance to be the golfer you always dreamed of.


Explore a world of custom work where you can try other players’ creations and make your own. With tools to easily create what you want, express your art, music, and even games for others to enjoy.

Death’s Door

When you lose a soul that’s meant to be reaped, chase it down in a world where death doesn’t exist. Utilise a variety of weapons to take on beasts and demigods as you search for the missing soul. Search for countless secrets and bring hope to the beings that you meet.

Xbox Live Gold Games

When the Past was Around

Jump into a story of love, moving on, and letting go. Follow the journey of Eda, a young girl with a lover named Owl. She will experience a bittersweet tale of love as she journeys through her memories, reclaiming what was once hers.

Blue Fire

Fight your way through the kingdom of Penumbra in a platformer that tests your 3D platforming skills. Slash through enemies, take on quests, and discover hidden secrets as you build your mastery of the movement system.

Inertial Drift

Learn to drift properly as you race around race tracks with sharp turns. Drive one of 16 cars and speed around 20 demanding tracks that push your drifting skills. Go head-to-head against other opponents or try to beat your personal best.

Epic Games Store Free Games

Europa Universalis IV (10/8 – 18/8)

Manage your own nation by developing good relations with other nations or choose to invade them. Take advantage of natural terrain and local resources to trade as you expand your empire’s coffers.

Orwell: Keeping an Eye on You (10/8 – 18/8)

Some citizens in your city are responsible for terror attacks and it’s up to you to find them. Trawl through troves of personal information and scour websites to find the culprits. Strike a balance between privacy and security, or throw it all out the window to keep people safe.

Humble Choice Games

Disco Elysium – The Final Cut

Step into the shoes of an amnesiac detective as you try to solve the mystery of a murder and your past. Depending on the choices you make, both mysteries can have varying conclusions.

Chivalry II

Experience medieval combat like never before as you combine fighting with humour. Fight in a vast multiplayer experience and choose from four classes to fit your preferred playstyle.

Road 96

Flee from a nation that’s becoming unlivable due to the heat. Traverse various scenarios that change with each attempt as you attempt to make it to safety.

Trek to Yomi

You are a samurai bound to protect your village from marauding bandits. Battle against otherworldly beings as you pursue a path of vengeance for those who wronged you.

Arcade Paradise

Build an old-fashioned arcade of your dreams and do your best to run it successfully. Add new games from the past era of video games and ensure the building has everything it needs.

SuchArt: Genius Artist Simulator

Set your artistic genius free on a space station that acts as your canvas. Get your work judged by critics and fund your future endeavours with the money you earn.

Tin Can

When your starship blows up, how will you address the situation? Keep yourself alive in your escape pod, but one wrong move and it’s all over.

Hot Brass

Put yourself in the shoes of law enforcement officers as you make decisions on how to resolve situations. Consider the optimal outcome as you decide what the best course of action is.