Xbox Series X console wraps are coming… but not to Australia

Posted on August 22, 2023

Microsoft is planning to release Xbox Series X console wraps, coming out in November this year. These are designed to simply wrap around your Xbox Series X to change its appearance and are available in Microsoft’s store. They come in three different designs, with one created for Starfield’s release.

You can only pre-order these wraps in USD, and we thought it would be nice to get these wraps available in Australia. Unfortunately, while others believed the same thing, Xbox’s ANZ division shut down any hope of the wraps coming to Australia.

It’s not known why the Xbox Series X console wraps aren’t coming to Australia or other countries, unlike their competitor. Obtaining the wraps in November is still possible if you are willing to purchase the wraps from outsourced delivery services in the US. Alternatively, there are vinyl wraps that local Australian websites are selling that fit around your Xbox Series X in the same way. While it won’t be the same designs, that’s the easiest alternative to getting wraps if you can’t wait until November.