A Nintendo Direct will air tonight with 40 minutes of goodness

Posted on September 14, 2023

As is tradition for each September, a Nintendo Direct is occuring tonight! This comes following a Super Mario Bros. Wonder focused Direct which also happened this month. This time, it’s all about games releasing this Summer for the Nintendo Switch, featuring a runtime of 40 minutes. These games just keep coming. See the official announcement below:

The occasion kicks off at midnight tonight AEST. As for what to expect? It’s a bit up in the air. We already know of heavy hitters in not only Super Mario Bros Wonder but also Wario Ware: Move It! Some safe bets would include previously announced titles without dates such as Fantasy Life i: The Girl Who Steals Time. Maybe we get a release date on some more anticipated titles for the Nintendo Switch Online service such as Golden Sun? Maybe some sweet new ports?

Regardless, we won’t have long to wait and will all be delighting in a bounty of announcements come this evening. What are you hoping to see in the Nintendo Direct?