Final Fantasy VII Rebirth launches this February

Posted on September 15, 2023

PlayStation’s State of Play aired this morning and closing out the show was another look at the hotly anticipated¬†Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. Vincent is here. Zack and Cloud are together again for the first time since Crisis Core.¬†What does it all mean? We won’t have long to find out. The trailer revealed a release date of February! Just a short five months away!

Three minutes of spectacle ensue in the game trailer, highlighting minigames, key areas and figures we’ll be spending our time with in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, before it all ends with a release date of February 29 2024. Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and its two discs will continue the involved and complex remake story with this part, with confirmation of one more part to follow.

Are you excited to visit Cloud and friends again this February?