Gunbrella glides onto Switch and PC later this month

Posted on September 2, 2023

After a bit of a wait, including a reassurance in a roundabout way that it was not delayed into next year, we now have a release date for Gunbrella! The stylish, slick 2D action game from developer Doinksoft and publisher Devolver Digital is careening towards a release date that’s only a few short weeks away! Get keen.

For those unacquainted, Gunbrella follows a man on a journing seeking revenge for the individual that murdered his wife. In a gritty western meets noir setting, you are to make your way through several towns, toppling cultists, sewer gators and more, following the mysterious thread that ties it all back to that bloody night. You’re armed with an umbrella that also functions as, you guessed it, a gun. Use it to not only blast your way through lowly foes and bosses but glide about 2D arenas, riding ziplines and the like.

We’ve had some hands on time with Gunbrella already and walked away throughougly impressed, noting how good it feels to control, along with its striking moody tone. Picking the brain of Doinksoft cofound Cullen Dwyer in an interview, we spoke on the game’s inspirations, how it feels to have been recently officially acquired by Devolver Digital and more.

Gunbrella has been confirmed to release on Nintendo Switch and PC on September 13. That’s less than two weeks away to experience what I already consider a very promising little action title.

Even with the delays into 2024, it’s incredibly apparent how much of a role publisher Devolver Digital are in the last quarter of 2023. Last month came Deconstructeam’s phenomenal The Cosmic Wheel SisterhoodRecently confirmed to have a release date is also action survival and crafting game Wizard With a Gun, slated for October. Still also on its way for 2023 is The Talos Principle 2. Rest assured, there’s no shortage of indie goodness from Devolver to ring out the rest of the year.