New Xbox hardware has been accidentally revealed in massive leak

Posted on September 19, 2023

Improperly redacted court documents from the ongoing US Federal Trade Commission vs. Microsoft case have been leaked, revealing a whole bunch of internal plans for the future of Xbox.

Posted on gaming forum Resetera by user LightKiosk (crediting fellow user LiC), the leaked artifacts show plans for a mid-gen “refresh” including three new digital-only consoles, a brand new controller dubbed “Sebile”, and even the next generation of Xbox consoles loosely planned for a 2028 release. Twitter (X) user Wario64 has summarised the leaked information, linked below.

The leak was discovered when an unsecured PDF containing a number of slides from the court proceedings was uploaded to the US courts website in what can only be described as a “huge oof”. Slides describe a new look for the former “fridge” design of the Xbox Series X|S, codenamed “Brooklin”.

This new model focuses on increasing storage capacity, quality of wired and wireless connections, and delivery on Microsoft’s ongoing sustainability plan. Two other models codenamed “Ellewood” and “Uther” provide a budget and premium option for the refreshed console respectively. These consoles are allegedly slated for release in late 2024.

The Xbox leak also included the Sebile controller, which touts itself as “the world’s best controller”. Boasting a rechargeable and removable battery, haptic feedback, an accelerometer, and lift-to-wake functionality, Sebile controllers are set to come bundled with the new console models. According to the leaked launch timeline, we’ll be able to purchase Sebile controllers separately during the first half of 2024.

As well as new hardware, tentative release schedules for a heap of unannounced Bethesda games were also included in the leak, revealing titles such as an Elder Scrolls: Oblivion remaster, a mysteriously ambiguous “Indiana Jones Game”, and a new DOOM title. There are also tentative plans for the next generation of consoles, featuring buzzwords on slides like “AI and ML Enablement” and indicating that Xbox may switch to using a high performance ARM CPU (usually used in mobile devices, but rapidly expanding in usage across much of modern computing).

Microsoft have yet to comment on the Xbox leak, probably gaming’s most significant since last year’s GTA 6 leaks. It’s unclear what the fallout from this will be and whether it will have an impact on court proceedings. Make sure to check back in with us here at Checkpoint Gaming as the situation develops.