Chaotic shooter The Finals open beta kicks off today

Posted on October 26, 2023

One of the announcements at the Xbox Partner Preview was that the chaotic free-to-play online competitive shooter The Finals, from developer Embark Studios including former DICE team members, is having an open beta across PC and consoles, starting today.

The open beta kicks off on “October 26” across PC, Xbox Series X and PS5, which for us Aussies means it’ll be live at 9pm AEDT this evening. It will run until November 5, so you’ll have a decent chunk of time to check it out!

The Finals is a team-based shooter that requires you to collect loot and then carry it across the map to an extract point. You’ll be up against multiple teams at once, all trying to be the ones to collect the goods, which gets super intense super fast. As a nice touch, enemies will explode into coins when killed, arcade-style.

Additionally, The Finals has a virtual world that you can ‘alter, exploit and even destroy’. Environments are destructible, which can make for some incredibly creative ways to flank your enemies or simply knock the building down around them if they try to escape. We checked out a closed beta on PC earlier in the year and can confirm that it’s a whole lot of fun.

The Finals doesn’t have a locked-in release date yet, but with this open beta taking place, it can’t be that far away.